Natural Mouth Rinses for You to Try

Now, you might be someone that uses mouthwash a lot. Many believe that mouthwash actually will do away with all the harmful bacteria, and it’ll leave you smelling minty fresh.

Or at least, that’s what you’ve been told to think.

The problem, is that mouthwashes are so good, that they kill bacteria, but not just the bad guys, but the good ones as well, and that’s a problem. This won’t allow the actual good bacteria that you need to thrive, and since many antibacterial washes wipe out all of that, the bad bacteria come back at a faster rate, which makes it much worse.

But that’s not all, because it can actually destroy the oral microbiome as well, which is the healthy gut microbiome. Essentially, if you kill all of this, it can cause some major problems on not only your digestion, but how you feel in general. In essence, you need to take care of your mouth, since if you do that, it’ll set up the rest of the body. But, alcohol and other products in the mouth actually will dry out the mouth, making it worse, since saliva is how the acids get neutralized in the mouth. If you don’t have it, then bad bacteria’s is what will make everything worse, and from there, it can even cause a risk in oral cancer go up. You can talk to your Santa Clarita dentist about this too for more information.

But, if you want to use mouthwash too and have a minty and fresh feeling, you can do so simply by brushing, scraping your tongue, and flossing. However, if you want to use a normal, natural mouthwash that doesn’t have all the bad things that conventional brands do, then this is for you.

The first, is Aesop mouthwash, which is actually an alcohol-free mouthwash that is from an Australian skincare line. It not only tastes good, but it contains a lot of great flavorings such as clove bud, spearmint, and aniseed, and there isn’t any alcohol used in. It. Instead it tends to use essential oils to kill this. This however can be something to be watchful over, since sometimes, you might be sensitive to essential oils. If you are, don’t despair, for you can use it, just be wary about using this too much.

Then there is a product called oral essentials, which is a mouthwash formulated by dentists that use something called dead sea salt, which in essence is salt from the dead sea, one of the saltiest places in the world. It has a very rich mineral content, and that can actually help remineralize the teeth. The mouthwash also has something in there called holy basil oil, which is an adaptogen, and aloe Vera juice, which has a lot of healing properties. Simply put, this can actually put a lot of the minerals and good compounds into the teeth, so if you’re looking for a more natural mouthwash that actually works, then this is for you.

Finally, you have a mouthwash called georganics coconut pulling mouthwash. Now, you might have heard of oil pulling, which is something that you can do if you so like, but you don’ have to do it with this. However, the formula is actually made following the Ayurvedic remedy for bad breath. Essentially, oil pulling does help with bad breath, and it is used by many who practice this. Obviously, you don’t have to, but the formula follows this, using a coconut oil to help get rid of the germs in the mouth to eradicate the germs. You’ll get to use a great rinse that will allow you to have breath that smells like coconut, so it will not only taste good, but smell good too.

When it comes to what you use to eradicate bad breath, avoid the conventional products. You can further talk to your Santa Clarita dentist about this, and you’ll be able to really alleviate yourself of the benefits of this. By being able to take care of your oral health, and watching out for these, you’ll be much happier, and have a much better oral routine from this as well.


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